ASC certification

France, Nouvelle Caledonie, Grande-Terre, Province Nord, Nepoui, ferme aquacole de Pronacri, elevage de crevettes bleues

Le label ASC

Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) is an international label created in 2010 by the WWF, which encourages responsible farming practices. It is a label based on the environment (100% sustainable production process, protection of biodiversity, etc.), social issues (prohibition of forced/compulsory labour, guaranteed minimum wage, etc.) and finally on well-being animal (shrimp health plan, food quality controls, etc.).

Farms certificate and COC certificate for SOPAC group


Certified farms

Actually 4 farms have ASC label:

Each farm carries out its activity in compliance with regulations and in collaboration with SOPAC for responsible and environmentally friendly aquaculture.