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The New Caledonian blue shrimp is produced by demanding and responsible farmers in limited amounts (1,200 tons per year on average). It is the only shrimp recognized by Japan to have “sashimi” quality. Its unique taste, firm but tender flesh and beautiful blue color make it a seafood product of excellence especially appreciated by chefs and consumers. Once cooked, it takes a beautiful orange pink hue without any dye.
After harvest, the shrimp is frozen at very low temperatures to preserve optimum freshness and allow only the necessary quantity of product to be defrosted just before consumption, so as not to cause any additional damage. The shrimp is sold in its raw and frozen state and can be stored up to two years under -18°C.

Our plant

To promote regional balance, SOPAC has chosen to build its processing and packaging plant in the north of the island, creating jobs for members of several neighboring tribes. Inaugurated in 2005, the SOPAC plant is equipped with technologies of precision processing such as selection by weight. Shrimps are manually sorted based on strict visual criteria, then weighed individually. Quick freezing at low temperatures by sodium chloride is implemented only a few hours after harvest, resulting in semi-IQF (individually quick frozen) products.

Our brands

To cater to customers’ needs, SOPAC offers various quality levels, sizes and packaging options, marketed under several brands:
• Obsiblue, its highest caliber, tailored for chefs of the French and international gastronomy.
• Cristal Blue, shrimps of premium quality, available in all sizes.
• Tenshi No Ebi, sold exclusively in the Japanese market.
• Crevette SOPAC, by local dealers and in major chain stores.

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With its image of excellence, Obsiblue represents the highest caliber of shrimp from New Caledonia. Only about one hundred tons of shrimps are harvested each year, at the peak of their maturity. They are provided for chefs of the French and international gastronomy by Prestige Seafood, a SOPAC subsidiary, in collaboration with quality partners.

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