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About us

Established in 1994 by aquaculture farmers in New Caledonia, SOPAC (Société des Producteurs Aquacoles Calédoniens, or Caledonian Aquaculture Farmers’ Society) has united the entire body of stakeholders in the sector, from hatcheries to distributors, to ensure the quality of blue shrimps from New Caledonia. We are keen to develop aquaculture that is responsible and suitable for nature, the local population and consumers.  It is our mission to provide exceptional shrimps for our customers around the world. For this, we developped partnership with companies in differents area as in Japans with GODAK ; in Europ with Prestige Seafood ; in the USA with Savory Gourmet ;  or in Australia with  Austral Fisheries.

Our commitment: quality and sustainable development

The SOPAC shrimp from New Caledonia is highly valued for its rich and subtle flavor, its unique, slightly sweet iodized taste, and its firm and juicy texture. For this reason, it serves as a worldwide reference of quality. Product traceability and food safety have always been at the heart of our concerns. For thirty years, we have been committed to sustainable development and contributed to regaining the balance in economic activities between the north and the south provinces of New Caledonia. Having taken into consideration social and industrial constraints of the region, we have implemented measures such as adapted processes, harvest agreements with local tribes, and establishment of a processing and packaging plant in the north of the island. Our commitment to environmental conservation can also be seen in our innovative techniques of harvest, establishment of a water purification station, and responsible waste treatment measures.

Our history

Collective shrimp farming in New Caledonia originated as an experiment as early as in 1970. Despite the consistent technical support provided by IFREMER (Institut français de recherche pour l’exploitation de la mer, or the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea) from the start, the enterprise had not reached the industrial stage until 1988, when it exported its products for the first time. During the 1990s, the enterprise adopted extremely rigorous specifications in close collaboration with its former partner in Japan to promote the perfectly balanced taste (the Umami taste) of blue shrimp. The marketing success of its frozen raw shrimps, distributed exclusively in Japan under the brand Tenshi No Ebi, proves that SOPAC’s extraordinary quality is fully recognized. From 2009 on, the top caliber of SOPAC’s product lines has been successfully marketed to French and international chefs under the brand Obsiblue.